The Face of Leadership in Rural Alberta

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Did you know there are over 19,000 nonprofit organizations in Alberta… and that 54% of those 19,000 have no paid staff? Organizations in Alberta report a volunteer complement of 2.5 million people, who collectively contribute about 449 million hours of volunteer time, the equivalent of approximately 234,000 full-time jobs.

That’s a lot of full-time jobs!

Here is the key for these organizations: Volunteer Alberta is launching an exciting new initiative called the KnowledgeConnector which is an online hub that will connect leaders in the nonprofit and voluntary sector with learning and training opportunities throughout Rural Alberta. It is all about creating a passion for learning!

Leaders come in various forms. Leadership is about attitude, skills and knowledge. Our community sustainability and growth relies on building strong those leaders.

The KnowledgeConnector will be used as an effective tool for enhancing the capacity of nonprofit/voluntary organizations, and in turn, promoting the growth, prosperity and quality of life in rural Alberta through learning opportunities.

Follow me along on the Journey as each week the NW Regional Blog will highlight a community volunteer/nonprofit organization. Also this blog will be providing followers with updates or links to various learning opportunities.

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Keeping Rural Alberta Connected….

Yvonne Rempel, NW Regional Capacity Coordinator

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