Big Picture Thinking In Small Town Alberta

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We all know that leaders of organizations that are visionaries often create great organizations that often create big change.

Last week I was able to attend the Strathcona County Interagency meeting. There were over 30 people in attendance representing various communities and each and every one of them shared inspiring stories of new programs and initiatives that their organizations are tackling to create stronger, more vibrant communities in Strathcona County.

I would love to highlight them all but wanted to share of one that I had been unfamiliar with and that made me think of the Big Picture thinking skills of the founder. This organization is called County Clothes-Line.  Founded in 1984, “County Clothes-Line Foundation grants funds, generated by the Clothes-Line Store, to Strathcona County non-profit groups and individuals, to assist them in initiating innovative projects or programs which contribute toward a higher quality of life for the residents of Strathcona County”. The board reviews applications and judges each on its individual merit and the perceived ability of the organization to meet their objectives.

If you haven’t looked at the definition of Big Picture Thinking from the leadership assessment for a while I want to share it with you and compare how the mandate of County Clothes-Line reeks of it.

“Part of the essence of big picture thinking is looking at the world with the broadest possible view. Developing a good frame (or framework) help determine how these aspects intersect, and then connect back to the organization’s overarching purpose or goal.” A sub-category of Big Picture Thinking is Innovation and Creation which means identifying and implementing strategic and creative solutions to issues and challenges.

County Clothes-Line identified the lack of affordable clothing and lack of available funding for community-driven projects and developed and implemented the innovative solution of utilizing a consignment store to make affordable clothing and funding for community projects more readily available.

I invite you to book a workshop with your board to help identify if your organization has strong Big Picture Thinking skills. Contact me to book one today!

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