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As we move forward  with we remain vigilant in posting and updating learning opportunities on the website. This is where we need your help…

The new website continues to link learners throughout rural Alberta to various learning and training opportunities with just a click of a mouse. In addition, learners are able to go online and fill out their own ASK (attitudes, skills & knowledge) Assessment Tool which helps you identify your leadership strengths and gap areas by providing a printable “report card”. This report card will automatically link you to various listed learning opportunities and learning providers. (exert re-posted form an earlier blog).

Not only is the new website “learner friendly” but we have included a section for learning providers as well. Individual learning providers (which we like to call LP’s) can go online and register their organization/agency and post their own learning opportunities. As well each LP is provided with their own login in and password which enables them to go in and edit anytime.

Here is how it works:

What is a Learning Provider?

An agency or individual who are providing leadership development learning opportunities for leaders working in the voluntary/non-profit sector.  This includes both non-profit and for-profit organizations and individuals.

Learning Provider Categories:

Program Developers: Those organizations or individuals who design and deliver learning opportunities for their own membership base, or
general non-profit sector.

These are organization that may host a learning opportunity developed by another organization.   For example the Volunteer Centres who host through iCCAN the courses developed by Volunteer Alberta; libraries, and Community Learning Councils.  These most often will be regionally focused learning providers.

This is a third category, such as a Municipal Community Services Department, who seek out and identify specific learning opportunities for their  own membership, or client base.

For-Profit Learning Providers:  Includes both organizations and private consultants.

Registering as a Learning Provider is as easy as 1-2-3 Visit

Click on “Learning Provider Registration” in the top right hand corner. Select which category you wish to register in

  • Nonprofit Basic Free 10 Listings per year – Your organization must be a registered nonprofit
  • Nonprofit Unlimited $250 per year – Unlimited Listings Receive a public Profile including logo and bio Includes a Volunteer
    Alberta Membership (New Members Only) Your organization must be a registered nonprofit
  • For-profit Unlimited $350 per year Unlimited Listings Receive a public Profile including logo and bio

We want your feedback on the website with “all the bells and whistles” it provides. Enjoy learning…. and post a learning opportunity share your wisdom and knowledge with other deserving rural Alberta learners.

If you have any questions or comments contact KnowledgeConnector HQ 1.780.497.4780

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