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Over the last 14 months, 5 Regional Capacity Coordinators (RCC) have been tasked with “spreading the word” of KnowledgeConnector and the benefits it provides to rural Alberta. Lets recap…

  • What are they?

The KnowledgeConnector initiative is designed around 6 leadership competencies: Big Picture Thinking, Planning and Organizing, Strategic Thinking, Management and Governance, Self Awareness and Development and Relationship Building.

  • How do we accomplish this task?

RCC have been traveling throughout their respective regions (mine has been the North West) facilitating presentations and A.S.K. Leadership Assessment workshops.

  • Who did we target?

Meeting with Community Adult Learning Councils, FCSS, Government Agencies, local and regional interagencies and one-on-one meetings with various community groups and organizations.

  • Were have we been?

KnowledgeConnector’s focus has been to target rural Alberta (rural meaning anything outside of Edmonton and Calgary)

  • Why KnowledgeConnector?

Designed to link rural Alberta’s non-profit and volunteer organizations to leadership and training opportunities via a click of the mouse – focus is directed towards rural organizations that have limited funding and resources to provide training and development to their staff and volunteers. As well, RCC’s are advocates in the field to provide education and awareness of the various projects and programs Volunteer Alberta has to offer the sector.

So have we done our job as RCC’s? Have we linked our region or communities to learning and training opportunities? Have we identified the various learning providers who populate our website with those training opportunities? Are our learning opportunities accessible? Do we have a  wide variety of learning opportunities posted that attract various learners.?

KnowledgeConnector has been a “team” approach from Volunteer Alberta, the KnowledgeConnector Project Manager and Program Coordinator, Web Design and support to us out in the field. As we head into the last month as regional capacity coordinators, these are just some of the questions that are being asked around the table.

We have made thousands of contacts throughout Rural Alberta crisscrossing over 12 different sectors. Bottom line have we done our job? Where do we go from here? Evaluation and feedback!

The key to the success or continuation of any project relies on the evaluation and feedback from the consumer or client, in this case the “learner”. We would like to hear from you! Here are some questions we have for you?

Have you been on the KnowledgeConnector website? Is the KnowledgeConnector website user-friendly? Are you a registered Learning Provider? Have you accessed a learning opportunity from the website? Is there a variety of learning opportunities to choose from? Have you participated in an A.S.K. workshop on-line? Has KnowledgeConnector helped you create a personalized learning plan designed to develop or enhance your leadership skills?

Please send your feedback or questions to our KnowledgeConnector Program Coordinator, or call 780.497.4780

Lets Stay Connected…

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