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Leadership requires collaboration, teamwork, great interpersonal communications and relationship building skills.  Here at Knowledge Connector we define Relationship Building as one of the 6 competencies that create a well-rounded leader. And within that competency lie 6 other categories. Relationship building, truly is an art and requires many skills. Thankfully, relationship building seems to be a skill the nonprofit/voluntary sector seem to be naturally inclined at-well at least with the hundreds of organizations I have worked with in Alberta’s Central East region. But of course, like anything, there is always room for improvement.

So let’s take a look at what the major skills, attitudes and knowledge are required to be an effective relationship builder. You may want to ask yourself where your skills are strongest and whether you might want to strengthen this very important leadership competency.

In our A.S.K. Leadership Assessment tool, a relationship is defined as a connection between individuals or groups of people based on mutual understanding or a common bond. Relationships are strengthened when there is accountability to each other and a desire to work through difficult situations. Every relationship needs to be fostered and nurtured.

It is broken down into the following components:

Collaboration and Team Development: The ability to teach team members collaboration skills like teamwork, loyalty, accountability, and mutual respect.

Inclusion and Diversity: The ability to consider diverse points of view when making decisions and taking action. The ability to be sensitive to different cultures.

Influencing and Advocacy: The ability to be an advocate for the organization and its members, and influence decisions that will support the organizational values and priorities.

Interpersonal Communication: The ability to encourage and use a broad range of communication skills, such as active listening and effectively giving and receiving feedback.

Dispute Resolution, Facilitation and Negotiation: The ability to understand the causes of conflict in the organization. The ability to suggest alternative solutions to conflict so that everyone wins. The ability to use various facilitation and negotiation skills to solve problems.

Community Engagement: To collaborate with the community to address issues that may affect the organization’s ability to accomplish its goals.

The  Alberta Association of Services for Children & Families knows how complicated good relationship building can be and that is why they are offering a workshop on Fierce Conversations. The course, Fierce Conversations®, teaches attendees how to “ignite productive dialogue that interrogates reality, provokes learning, resolves tough challenges and enriches relationships. It‘s the place to begin, the cornerstone of great leadership, healthy cultures, intelligent strategies and whole-hearted execution.”

It is a 2 day course and will be held May 14, 2012 – May 15, 2012 9:00AM to 4:00PM MST right here in the Central East region. If you would like to register and build your relationship skills simply visit or contact Dawn Papineau, 780.428.3660.

Happy relationship building!

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