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The KnowledgeConnector Initiative:

One of the key activities of KnowledgeConnector is to develop a cross-sector competency framework for senior leaders and managers in Alberta’s nonprofit/voluntary sector.

A group of experts in the nonprofit/voluntary sector met in December 2010 to identify the priorities and themes we would use to develop our own Leadership Assessment Tool.  We reviewed numerous leadership, management, governance competency frameworks and assessment tools as part of our research.  We adapted ideas from a broad range of these sources to develop the A.S.K. Leadership Assessment.

Leadership is not about position.  It is those qualities, skills, and knowledge that individuals use to influence and transform themselves, their organizations and their communities.  After a great deal of research and discussion, we identified six major concepts that define a leader within the nonprofit/voluntary sector.  The competency categories are:

  • Self-Awareness and Development
  • Relationship Building
  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Management and Governance
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Planning and Organizing
Interested in all the details? View the ASK Leadership Assesment Tool, as well as examples of courses that fall under each.

What is the A.S.K. Leadership Assessment Tool?

The A.S.K. Leadership Assessment Tool guides you through a process of self-reflection about your leadership skills. The tool identifies the attitudes, skills and knowledge required of a leader in the nonprofit/voluntary sector. By completing the assessment, you will be able to identify areas of strength and areas where you may want to enhance your leadership skills and/or knowledge.

Who is the A.S.K. Leadership Assessment Tool for?

The A.S.K. Leadership Assessment Tool is for anyone who is in a position of influence, or who is a decision-maker in the nonprofit/voluntary sector  this includes both paid staff and volunteers! Some examples of who the tool works best for are:

  • Volunteers
  • Executive directors
  • Paid staff
  • Seniors managers
  • Board members
  • Municipal administrators
  • Community advocates
  • Municipal counsellors, etc.

Take the A.S.K. Leadership Assessment Tool

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