Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge Leadership Assessment

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Welcome to your leadership world.

You have taken the first step to help you determine what Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge can help you be the leader you were always meant to be.

By filling out the ASK Leadership Assessment you will:

  • Become more self-aware of learning goals
  • Take ownership and responsibility for moving your skill set to the next level
  • Monitor your progress and reflect on your personalized report card

Get started below or Learn more about the A.S.K. Assessment Framework.

Ratings: 1 - Limited Experience 3 - Knowledgeable & Experienced
2 - Basic Experience & Abilities 4 - Very Experienced

Self Awareness and Development Definition

Self Awareness and Development

An effective leader leads from within. Being aware of personal strengths and weaknesses will improve leadership skills and help identify how to grow personally and professionally. Creating a culture of learning encourages others to develop skills and share knowledge.

Self-Awareness 1 2 3 4
a) I seek out opportunities that will help me understand my own strengths and limitations as a leader.
b) I examine the influences and experiences that shape my beliefs.
c) I am willing to examine my beliefs about myself and my role in the organization
d) I am motivated by concepts of justice, caring and virtue, and not by external recognition.
Self-Initiative 1 2 3 4
a) I take initiative when I see something that needs to be done; I don't wait until someone tells me to do it.
b) I delegate and share the responsibility for completing tasks and achieving objectives with others in my organization.
c) I take responsibility for my own actions and decisions as a leader.
d) I create a culture that supports and rewards staff for finding their own solutions to everyday tasks and problems.
Continuous Learning 1 2 3 4
a) I keep up to date by attending learning opportunities, sharing knowledge and information with others, and applying my learning to my own work.
b) I create learning plans to improve my own leadership skills and encourage others to do the same.
c) I promote seeking out various learning opportunities, such as traditional formal learning, peer support, mentorship and networking.
d) I seek out other leaders, mentors and professionals in my field to expand my knowledge.

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