A.S.K. Leadership Assessment

Looking to sharpen your skills, build your knowledge base and improve as a leader? Look no further than to find the course, class or workshop you want! Which courses are the right ones? Take KnowledgeConnector’s nationally recognized A.S.K. Leadership Assessment. The assessment will give you a report card, identifying your strengths and areas for improvement, and connect you to the most relevant learning opportunities and resources in your area.


The Developing Emerging Leaders Organizational Assessment Tool

Are you looking to improve your organization’s success in supporting and cultivating leadership? You’ve come to the right place. The Developing Emerging Leaders Organizational Assessment Tool has been specifically designed to help you and your organization enhance and improve how you develop emerging nonprofit/voluntary sector leaders. Your results will give you quick and direct access to targeted resources, helping take your organization successfully engage the next generation of nonprofit/voluntary sector leadership.

Take Assessment

Using the Assessment Tools Together

Use the ASK Leadership Assessment and Developing Emerging Leaders Organizational Assessment Tool together to make yourself and your organization the best you can be. The two tools are meant to work together – this graphic explains the relationship between the two, including how the individual competencies leverage into organizational abilities.

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