Developing Emergin Leaders

About the Partners


About the Developing Emerging Leaders Collaborative

In June of 2011 a group of sector leaders interested in advancing the state of leadership development within the nonprofit sector joined together as the Developing Emerging Leaders Collaborative. The goal of the group became to create a Developing Emerging Leaders Framework. Members include:

Each of these members are engaged in leadership development initiatives or programs. They all recognize the value of sharing resources and expertise to explore a sector level response to leadership development challenges.

Members hold a common belief that effective leadership development involves developing both the competencies of individual leaders and the capacity of organizations to support the development of leaders. Thus, the Developing Emerging Leaders Framework addresses leadership development through an organizational lens.

How We Work

Each partner accepts responsibility for the outcomes of the project. A Terms of Reference identifies the objectives of the collaborative and defines the scope of activities the collaborative undertakes.

Members contribute financial resources, infrastructure supports and expertise to the collaborative. Project funding was accessed for the development of the framework while in-kind supports such as administration, materials and supplies were contributed by the members.

What’s Next

With the launch of The Developing Emerging Leaders Framework, the member organizations plan to begin exploring strategies to improve organizational practices around the development of leaders. Research along with the compiled results of the Organizational Assessments will indicate priority areas for the development of new initiatives or the creation of new programs or supports.


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