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Welcome to the Developing Emerging Leaders organizational assessment tool

Ratings: 1 - Not Like my organization 3 - Like my organization most of the time
2 - Somewhat like my organization – more often than not 4 - Yes this sounds like my organization
as an organization we … 1 2 3 4
1) Invest in leadership research and development
2) Welcome and support diverse leadership practices and styles
3) Monitor, assess and evaluate impact of leadership development initiatives and efforts
4) Leverage networks, interactions and critical relationships in order to develop leaders
5) Create conditions for change and space for innovation
6) Actively manage change within the organization
7) Align organizational systems and processes to achieve the goals of developing emerging leaders
8) Cultivate abilities to apply and utilize the findings from leadership research within the organizational context
9) Support strategic risk-taking with accountability
10) Cultivate awareness of organizational culture amongst staff and board
11) Identify and support optimal delivery methods for leadership development

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