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Nonprofit Leaders Can Pan for Gold: Find Your Best Donor Prospects NOW!

Does your nonprofit know how to use online resources to find good donor prospects? The right research tools can ratchet up your revenue stream and increase the development department's success.

The information is out there – yours for the taking –  if you find the right databases and learn how to use them efficiently. In this online course for nonprofit leaders, you will get practical information in an affordable and convenient format that includes plenty of time for questions and answers.

Find out how your nonprofit organization can identify hidden nuggets in your donor database and find new donors within your community. In this nonprofit management training course, you will develop and hone your online research skills to better identify wealthier prospects.

It's about real-life, your organization's life, not theoretical scenarios. Lengthening your list of major donors can offset still-to-come cuts in government and foundation  income so join us in learning techniques that will help you find more donor prospects in your own community.

Curriculum Participants will learn the importance of researching prospects and how mining the right databases can help nonprofit organizations. Techniques will be taught to:

  • Identify your best donors within your own database.
  • Identify new donors for your organization.
  • Use tools and techniques that will uncover higher-net-worth donors in your community (those millionaires next door!).
  • Uncover resources for researching individuals, foundations, and corporations.
  • Implement best practices to maintain confidentiality of donor records.
  • Understand prospecting techniques that make your use of free and fee-based databases more efficient.
  • Access fee-based resources through special offers from vendors.


Learning Provider: Ventureneer

Opportunity Type: Webinar

Category: Planning, Execution, Planning and Organization, Interpersonal Communications, Inclusion & Diversity, Community Engagement, Relationship Building, Innovation & Creation, Big Picture Thinking, Self-Awareness, Self-Initiative, Self-Awareness & Development

Region: Cal, Edm, S, CE, CW, NE, NW

Start Date: N/A

End Date: N/A

Start Time: N/A

End Time: N/A


This is an online video seminar. Please see the below link for registration information.

Registration/More Info: http://ventureneer.com/webclass/nonprofit-leaders-can-pan-gold-find-your-best-donor-prospects-now-0

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