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Crucial ConversationsĀ®- Presented by Murray Low

Most days consists of doing what needs to be done to get through the day. However key moments affect our direction, our plans, and our life-changing decisions, something we call crucial conversations.  It’s people who learn how to master crucial conversations that succeed.  You've observed top performers across your organization.  They create an environment where people from different departments, with competing objectives, or of different cultures and backgrounds, can speak and be genuinely heard.

Murray’s presentation draws from the New York Times best-selling book, Crucial Conversations. Murray will teach you how to prepare for crucial conversations even when they come unexpectedly. He will provide you with enough background information to recognize when you’re in one and how to handle the situation for favorable outcomes for you and for your organization.

Learning Provider: Speakers\' Beaureau of Alberta

Opportunity Type: Speaker

Category: Management Skills, Management & Governance, Dispute Resolution & Negotiation, Collaboration & Teamwork, Interpersonal Communications, Relationship Building

Region: Cal, Edm, S, CE, CW, NE, NW

Start Date: N/A

End Date: N/A

Start Time: N/A

End Time: N/A

Time: Contact provider for availability.

Contact Name: Speakers' Bureau of Alberta

Contact Phone: 1.866.420.3338


Please phone or email to schedule Murray Low's presentation.

Registration/More Info: http://speakersalberta.com/T_Crucial.html

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