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Social Media, You and Your Business

Social networking has become an integral part of the global fabric that stitches us together. Consider that today's generation has never experienced life without the Internet, cell phones, and personal computers. It’s not going away. Social media is powerful. Grasp its potential now and never look back!

On the practical side, David’s presentation Social Media You and Your Business will inform you about how can you personally benefit from participating in one or more of these networks? Which one(s) should you choose? How can your business or your cause use social media to get "out there" so more people can find you and get it done effectively and efficiently?

Don’t waste your time. Not all social media are suited for all businesses and all people. Find out what will work for you; what is not for you. Make propitious use of David’s expertise in social media to advance your business, your cause,and you.  Expand your network, no matter what your objectives.


Learning Provider: Speakers\' Beaureau of Alberta

Opportunity Type: Speaker

Category: Planning, Execution, Planning and Organization, Management Skills, Management & Governance, Interpersonal Communications, Inclusion & Diversity, Community Engagement, Relationship Building, Systems Perspective, Strategic Thinking, Innovation & Creation, Big Picture Thinking

Region: Cal, Edm, S, CE, CW, NE, NW

Start Date: N/A

End Date: N/A

Start Time: N/A

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Time: Contact provider for availability.

Contact Name: Speakers' Bureau of Alberta

Contact Phone: 1-866-420-3338


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