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A Harvard Business School study found that 70% of change efforts will fail. And a Leadership IQ study found that mismanaging change is the #1 reason why executives lose their jobs. Do we need any more reasons to master this critical skill?


In this webinar:


  • You will learn the biggest reason that change efforts fail (and how you can fix it).
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  • You will learn how to inspire employees to leave the status quo and embrace new changes, win-over fence-sitters and deal with change resisters.
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  • We will show you how to test your change efforts with four questions that will predict the success (or failure) of your change effort and three questions that will assess your motivational power.
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  • You will learn how to hardwire change to last.
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Learning Provider: Leadership IQ

Opportunity Type: Webinar

Category: Planning, Execution, Planning and Organization, Change Management, Strategic Thinking, Continuous Learning, Self-Awareness, Self-Awareness & Development

Region: Cal, Edm, S, CE, CW, NE, NW

Start Date: N/A

End Date: N/A

Start Time: N/A

End Time: N/A


This is an online webinar, please see the below link for more information regarding registration. 

Registration/More Info: http://www.leadershipiq.com/online-programs/how-great-leaders-manage-change/

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