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Self Awareness and Learning to Say “No”

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I had the great opportunity of visiting the Village of Holden last night. I held an ASK Leadership Assessment workshop and was able to work with the big movers and shakers of this urban village. There was not one attendee who wasn’t heavily involved with more than three organizations. Yes, you read that right, every one of them is highly engaged in their community. So much so, that one of the common learning goals among the group, was to learn how to say no.

With a population of only 398 there is a lot of action in this Village. Here are just a few of the organizations and initiatives that were represented at the workshop. From this list you may guess why the group of 7 last night don’t have much capacity left for too much else!

For such a small Village I definitely saw a huge sense of community, organization and drive. Not only that, the group was all very hardworking and excited to enhance their leadership skills. They are all so hard-working and polite that none of them would ever want to disappoint and turn a volunteer job down.

I was glad they took the opportunity to participate in an A.S.K. Leadership Assessment workshop because the learning goal many had set at the beginning of the workshop came shining through once the assessments were complete. What leadership competency does “saying no” relate to? Self Awareness. Donna from the North East region said, ‘by saying no we are admitting we understand our limitations and when we have reached a limit…this is why we often hear about people wanting to take control by learning to say “no”! 

A great learning opportunity that builds self-awareness is being offered through the HR Council for Nonprofits. To find out about this self-awareness tool called 360 Feedback click here. If you would like to book a workshop with me to discover your leadership learning priorities give me a shout!  

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Culture of Learning in Alberta

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Hanna, Ponoka, Bow Valley, Wetaskiwin, Drumheller, Killam – these are some of the places I got to visit this week for our exciting launch of the second phase of The amount of excitement and enthusiasm for the launch of the second phase was outstanding. After 6 celebrations I am most certainly excited for a bit of a break. At the same time though, I am excited and rejuvenated from all of the positive energy and enthusiasm around learning I saw from those I was able to work with.

Let me tell you a bit about the places I visited and why I see such a growing culture of learning in Alberta. First off, I had the honour to be at one of the provincial launch events in Hanna that was broadcast via ICCAN videoconferencing technology. It was exciting to watch Jann Beeston, Chair of the Rural Alberta Development Fund, give her motivational presentation on the importance of continuous learning. Everyone in attendance was also moved which was noted by the thunderous applause after her speech.

While in Wetaskiwin a great group of ladies were able to network and two different organizations were able to book A.S.K. Workshops for their board members. Those who take the initiative to assess their leadership learning priorities definitely believe in continuous learning.

While in traveling and sharing the exciting news about the launch of knowledgeconnector I also received great feedback from interagency groups in Ponoka, Bow Valley and Camrose. The local launch in Drumheller was attended by many who had already taken an ASK Leadership Assessment Workshop and you could just see the enthusiasm of the possibilities it could have for them personal, professionally and for other community groups they work with.

All in all, this week was a bit of a whirlwind but generated a ton of positive opportunities for Albertans in the nonprofit/voluntary sector to grow and spread their passion for continuous learning.

If you are also passionate about continuous learning I encourage you to book a workshop with me to identify your leadership strengths and learning priorities.

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