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Family Day, More Than Just a Day Off….

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Building Community capacity; adding one family at a time, community leadership at its best “volunteering”.

Throughout the North West, “family day volunteers” have been frantically planning and creating activities so you and your family are able to have a “Family fun day” off . Please check out your local newspaper, community website, Facebook or your local bulletin board to see what each community has to offer through the Family Day weekend.

Family Day is on the third Monday of February (observed in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan). This holiday celebrates the importance of families and family life to people and their communities.

Did you know? Family Day was first held in Canada in the province of Alberta in 1990. It is supposed to reflect the values of family and home that were important to the pioneers who founded Alberta, and give workers the opportunity to spend more time with their families. Family Day was introduced in Saskatchewan in 2007 and in Ontario in 2008. One of the reasons for introducing Family Day was that there was a long period when there were no holidays from New Year’s Day until Good Friday.

As the weather is usually very cold in February (we are spoiled for unseasonal good weather this year), so what a better time to take a break and spend it with friends and family. Popular snacks of choices for the day may include (but not limited to) hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies. The long weekend is an opportunity for a short winter break or to travel to visit family members or friends.

So what do you do on Family Day Weekend?

  • fishing licenses are FREE for the weekend, so register for your local ice fishing derby – You could win some cool prizes
  • go pond skating with the family
  • participate in winter festival activities (Grande Prairie, or Edmonton)
  • backyard BBQ with roasted marshmallows
  • snowshoeing or cross-country skiing
  • build a snowman or an ice sculpture
  • walk “fido”
  • indoor family board games

Whatever you decide to do, get out and enjoy a winter day with family and friends and have a great day off. Happy Holiday!

My hat goes off to the many volunteers who make this weekend fun and enjoyable for all of us!!!

Yvonne Rempel | 780.827.1464 |

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FREE Leadership Training by ACE Communities – a Learning Provider

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Like many of you, volunteering is my passion along with life-long learning. I am driven to make my community a better place to live, play, grow and retire – a community I can be proud of.

I had the pleasure of hosting ACE Communities this past Monday (check out the website and Twitter for the pictures and discussions regarding this event – Thank you Janet for posting…) in Grande Cache at our “Ignite” Celebration. We had the honor of listening to Ian Hill a motivational speaker inspiring change in individuals, neighborhoods and communities. Town council, students and various community members heard his impassioned challenge to rise to the responsibility we all have to build a better community.

It was AWESOME! Ian is a dynamic speaker. His comments were not anything that we do not already know but his words had the motivation to “ignite” an entire community for change. I am revitalized to create a town that I want to live in and I know I am not alone.

Community leadership is about active, creative and engaged communities working together on a “shared vision”. Who better to lead a community towards positive change than VOLUNTEERS!

ACE communities is about building community capacity and community development. Here is just a partial list of learning opportunities for the month of November you as a learner can access by just a click of a mouse:

November 15, 2011 at 10:00AM

Working Effectively and Enthusiastically as a Team

November 16, 2011 at 10:00AM

Service Excellence in Municipal Recreation: What is it and how do we ensure we’re delivering it?

November 18, 2011 at 10:00AM

Creative Ideas for Motivating Seniors Part 1: Tips and Tools

November 21, 2011 at 10:00AM

Creative Strategies for Engaging with Youth

November 24, 2011 at 10:00AM

Energize Your Everyday (AKA Keeping Your Sanity through the Christmas Celebrations!)

November 25, 2011 at 10:00AM

Creative Ideas for Motivating Seniors Part 2: Music and Props

November 28, 2011 at 10:00AM

Inspiring Ideas for Preschool Teachers in School and Extracurricular Activities

November 29, 2011 at 10:00AM

Facilitation Techniques for Community Building: Let’s Meet and Talk in your Community!

If you know of a great learning provider you want to share or want to highlight a learning opportunity, go to If you have any inquiries, staff at KnowledgeConnector will be glad to assist you 1.780.497.4780.

Yvonne Rempel | 780.827-1464 |

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Building Community Capacity with 100 Cups of Coffee

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As I sit here at the computer after unpacking my suitcase from yet another successful road trip and now I want to share with you what I have been up to for the last couple of days.

Wow! I just attended a fabulous ACE Communities Retreat (active, creative, engaged) on Community Leadership, at the Sanctum Retreat just outside of Rocky Mountain House. They take the retreat to a whole another level, limited internet and cell phone access; a real get-a-way (a little nervous at first not to be able to connect to the outside world, but that feeling was short-lived). We had a real opportunity to share and discuss building community capacity with little or no distractions.

I had introduced you to ACE Communities  in one of my earlier blogs and asked you to stayed tuned on the ACE Cultural Diversity Project and that I would keep you posted on my “journey” as this project moves forward. My new BF’s are from Jasper, Rocky Mountain House, Carstairs and of course Grande Cache, not to mention the great facilitators.

Both ACE and KnowledgeConnector focus on building community capacity, so how do they compare?

We already know from KnowledgeConnector that good leaders are essential to the growth and sustainability of rural communities and it is important that these leaders are linked to ongoing learning opportunities to develop their attitudes, skills and knowledge. The leadership framework  for KnowledgeConnector revolves around 6 main competencies: big picture thinking, strategic thinking, relationship building, self-awareness & development, planning & organizing and management & governance. All relevent in building community capacity.

ACE philosophy of building community  capacity revolves around 6 competencies as well required for community leaders committed to building active, creative and engaged communities. They are:

  • agent of change – understands and demonstrates and exerts influence by building trusting relationships
  • committment to continuous improvement – practices ongoing personal and professional growth development
  • big picture thinker – utilizes a proactive system thinking/holistic approach
  • catalyst for citizen responsibility – places a priority on engaging and cultivating community ownership and responsibility
  • quality of life advocate – has the ability to work proactively to promote recreation, parks, sports, arts, culture and heritage services that deliver essential benefits
  • community development practices – applies community planning strategies

With ACE communities the role of the community leader takes on a different meaning and with an emphasis on citizen involvement, maximizing community resources, facilitating decision-making, planning and developing policies; all geared towards implementing growth and change in ones community.

The two main key points that I took away from this community development training was 1) Social Investment in your community and 2) Social Change with economic impact.

Each community has been given the task of coordinating a local team to come up with a “plan” to IGNITE and embrace Cultural Diversity through community development. ACE Communities will be coaching us and providing support and guidance step by step as we go through the 6 competencies to develop and implement short-term and long-term goals for our communities.

The first step in this plan for me as a community leader is to engage my community. So how am I going to do that? Back to the grassroots idea of  face-to-face. Hence 100 cups of coffee…. Stay tuned.

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