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The Little Hamlet That Could…

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I had the opportunity to visit the wonderful hamlet of Torrington last week. If you haven’t been there I highly recommend stopping by and checking out the Gopher Hole Museum that features stuffed gophers posed in a series of 47 anthropomorphic scenes, from a hair dresser; to a preacher; to an RCMP officer. The entire town has a gopher theme that is demonstrated through the largest gofer and fire hydrants painted as gophers. It is all very cute.

Aside from the gophers, Torrington’s other large attraction is the people. There is an incredible sense of community that is demonstrated by how they work together to achieve common goals. For example, individual families have no need to set up and promote their own garage sale. Instead they hold town garage sales that attract people from surrounding communities. The sense of community can also be noted by how groups including the Torrington Wellness Centre, the Lions Club, Lioness Club and the Torrington Enhancement Committee work together out of the Community Hall.

Clearly, the residents of Torrington have built on the skill of Relationship Building from the A.S.K. Leadership Assessment Framework. They not only work together within the hamlet but they work with all of the other communities in Kneehill County to offer and partake of services needed such as learning opportunities offered by the Kneehill Adult Learning Centre in Three Hills.

I liken the community within Torrington to a gopher town. According to, gopher towns can stretch for vast distances through mountainous terrain and often contain thousands of gopher residents. Like gopher towns, the residents within Torrington also stretch out and share their skills and resources with others in surrounding areas.

I am currently in the works of setting up a workshop in Three Hills and hope to see many people in the vast gopher town (AKA Kneehill County). Stay tuned for more details!

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