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Clubhouse is not just a sandwich….

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This past weeks adventure took me to Peace River Area, with spectacular vistas, lush and green rolling hills and beautiful river valleys. Nestled amongst this vista is a very unique community organization – “Clubhouse”. This small nonprofit/volunteer organization (of approximately 30 members) is supported by Alberta Mental Health Services.

Clubhouse Values

Clubhouse is build upon the belief that every member has the potential to sufficiently recover from the effects of mental illness to lead a personally satisfying life as an integrated member of society.  Clubhouse is a community of people who are dedicated to on another’s success, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is. Clubhouses are organized around a belief that work and work-mediated relationships are restorative and provide a firm foundation for growth and important individual achievement and the belief that normalized social and recreational opportunities are an important part of a person’s path.

Purpose of Beyond the Heart Clubhouse

  • A place to go for support
  • A place for people to feel welcome from all regions
  • Friends and fellowship
  • Voices of mental health consumers
  • Community awareness by the presence in the community
  • Dealing with stigma

Clubhouse Mission

The clubhouse program promotes independence, individual choice and hope.  The clubhouse provides individuals recovering from psychiatric disabilities with a safe and confidential environment, access to social supports, opportunities to grow or enhance life skills and fellowship.

The Peace River (and area) Clubhouse and I (NW RCC) are setting off on a “learning adventure” come this fall. Follow along on our journey over the next six months as we  kick off the adventure with a special event to introduce the Knowledegconnector Project and to work through the ASK Assessment Tool. From there we will develop a Clubhouse learning plan, identify individual and group learning needs and linking them to learning opportunities. Stay tuned….

If you would like to know more about Clubhouse or how to start one in your own community go to

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Celebrating vibrant and festive places in NW Rural Alberta

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Did you know that organizations in Alberta report volunteer compliment of 2.5 million people who collectively contribute about 449 million hours of volunteer  time which is equivalent of approximately 234,000 full-time jobs? Also, Alberta Nonprofit/volunteer organizations generate approximately $10 billion in revenues with arts and cultural organizations generating approximatly nine percent of that revenue (stats reported by One of the five pillars of community sustainability is Cultural Diversity. One aspect of Cultural diveristy is festivals and events which promote and ensure sustainability and strengthening communities along with building community capacity and at the same time drawing in other communities and individuals to foster community growth; even if it is for one day or one weekend.

The community groups or organizations planning these events and activities may not necessarily be thinking in these terms but rather in a broad sense of providing entertainment or simply stated as “something to do” which in turn becomes a fundraising activity. Research found that a majority of these community groups or organizations are volunteer driven.

The Demmitt Cultural Society “sustainable and cultural on the borderline” is just one example of a dedicated community volunteer organization in NW Rural Alberta.

This community organization was established on the principles of dancing, live music and having a lot of fun. Still holding these principles dear, they have embarked on merging community roots with their concern for sustainability. To mark this transition they focused on replacing an aging 1980 community hall with one that combined sustainability, architectural beauty and a very good dance floor. Their volunteer 13 person Board of Directors meets once a month, includes people from all walks of life.

This is directly taken from their website ( “On the surface, Demmitt is like any other rural Alberta community: a super mailbox, cattle and an old community hall. Take a closer look and you will also discover a kernel of the future has germinated. If you drive south off Highway 43 on Rural Route 132 you will come across a perfectly crafted forty-foot timber frame covered bridge. This bridge promises to lead to a sustainable future for the rural Peace region communities like Demmitt; it promises to lead to a brand new 6200 square foot sustainable community centre”.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many volunteer hours are recorded leading up to and including the day of this event? Please go online and check out their “Borderline Cultural Activities”.

KnowledgeConnector continues to highlight rural community organizations dedicated to promoting and enhancing community sustainability and believes that growth relies on building leadership, and knowledgeable volunteers creating a passion for learning throughout Rural Alberta.

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