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Big Picture Thinking In Central East Alberta

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Are you a Big Picture Thinker?

Our leadership assessment framework has identified Big Picture Thinking as one of the 6 major competencies that makes up effective leadership. Clearly, the art of being a visionary or big picture thinker is a skill worth working towards. But what exactly is Big Picture Thinking? We have defined it as: “envisioning the potential in just about anything.  This kind of innovative thinking sees the connections between concepts, rather than focusing on constraints and details.” It is broken down into two subcategories: Visioning and, Innovation and Creation.

I have had the opportunity to work with some great big thinkers in Central East Alberta while working with KnowledgeConnector. These have included individuals working with organizations such as Information and Volunteer Centre for Strathcona County, the Hanna Learning Centre, the Flagstaff Adult Learning Council, the Camrose Adult Learning Council and numerous other non-profit/voluntary sector groups.

Having said that though, these groups and individuals have a passion for continuous learning that helps them keep on the cutting edge within their respective field. And as you know, we are in the business of empowering leaders in the non-profit/voluntary sector be the best leaders as possible.

So, if you are already a Big Picture Thinker but want to strengthen that competency to a greater extent check out one of the following opportunities right here in Central East Alberta. Not a big picture? Then check them out and learn a new skill. The following opportunities take a look at outcome planning and sustainability. Both are big factors when becoming a big picture thinker.

Outcome Tools: Incorporating Concepts into Operations: It’s often said that we know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.  However, using an outcomes-based approach in our organizations refocuses us, and makes us consider not only what we are doing, but why we are doing it. We also know that using an outcome-approach to the planning and delivery of community services is important for ensuring we focus on the actual change or impacts our services are providing. How do we incorporate these ideas into our daily work?  Join us to increase your understanding of an outcome-based approach and explore the use of a variety of tools that will assist you to incorporate outcomes into the planning, implementation, and measurement of your services and programs. This opportunity is offered by ACE communities on February 1 from 10:00 to 11:30 AM.  For more information view this opportunity!

Nonprofit Sustainability: Building Blocks to Organizational Success: Learn how to enhance your organization’s competitiveness and strengthen its financial health. Sustainability is a popular but often misunderstood buzzword in our sector. Nonprofit sustainability means more than just generating enough money to keep our organization afloat. In this class we will begin with the definition of nonprofit sustainability, and then we will cover each of the four key elements that contribute to long-term sustainability for an organization. Learn what you can do to increase your organization’s competitiveness and strengthen its financial health in the current economic climate. Topics covered include understanding what nonprofit sustainability means; key elements of nonprofit sustainability and tips on how to develop them in your organization. This is offered by the Foundation Centre on February 22 from 12:00 to 1:00PM.  For more information view this opportunity!

Enjoy enhancing your leadership skills! To book a FREE leadership assessment workshop to find out what skills your organization can strengthen give me a call!

Victoria Poschadel | 780.945.6134 |

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Hanna Learning Centre Steps Up To The Plate…Again!

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I have mentioned in previous blogs how great Hanna, AB is at promoting and engaging in Leadership Development. This impression has primarily come from my experience working with the Hanna Learning and Volunteer Centre.

From the first day I met Doray Veno, the Executive Director of the Hanna Learning Centre, I was impressed. The entire organization is more than willing to build their leadership skills while sharing their learning’s with the residents in Hanna. This was demonstrated by their participation on not one, but two A.S.K. Leadership Assessment Workshops. After the first workshop they jumped on board and developed a learning plan that matched their common leadership learning goals.

Shortly after the workshop, leaders of the Hanna Learning Centre team expanded their skills through the webinar, Daring to Lead 2011: Leadership Development & Support for Nonprofit Leaders featuring Marla Cornelius.

The Hanna Learning Centre is continuing to embrace a culture of continuous professional development by following their learning plan. The Hanna Volunteer and Learning Centre prioritizes their learning in their organization which in turn develops their organizational capacity, inspires staff to become better professionals, and allows them all to lead their community by building healthier communities.

Recently, they took on one more major step to help build their community by becoming the host site for a KnowledgeConnector Learning Provider Forum. If you organization has a mandate to enhance leadership skills in the nonprofit/voluntary sector and would like to increase exposure and registration numbers for your courses and learning opportunities join us at the Hanna Learning Centre, 401 Street, Hanna on Friday – January 27 from 1:00 – 4:00PM. Educational institutions, private consultants, learning councils and the like are welcome!

At the event you will see what has made the Hanna Learning Centres such an inspirational organization, enjoy solid networking and learn of an excellent marketing opportunity.

To RSVP follow this link:

If you have any questions or would like to know more give me a shout.

Victoria Poschadel | 780.945.6134 |

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Leadership Development Available Right At Your Doorstep

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Have you ever wished you could learn about enhancing your strengths as a leader without having to take a course in a classroom? With technological advancements growing as fast as they are these days, you really don’t need to look any further. Let’s find out how we can take advantage of these advancements.

Think of the iCCAN video conferencing project. iCCAN (Innovative Communities Connecting & Networking) creates access to learning through networked videoconference sites across Alberta. Currently there are 31 iCCAN sites throughout Alberta that offer access to groups wanting to take their learning to the next level without having to commute too far.  As a part of the non-profit/voluntary sector you are even more readily able to participate in educational courses offered by iCCAN as the three partners behind this project are the Community Learning Network, Literacy Alberta and Volunteer Alberta. And of course, iCCAN is also a registered Learning Provider with KnowledgeConnector. So, what does that mean? That it is a fantastic medium for leadership development for rural Alberta.

One webinar that iCCAN is offering is called, Meeting Skills for Results. Held on January 25, 2012 from 12:00PM‐ 1:30M this webinar will be offered in Hanna, Three Hills, Wetaskiwin.   At this videoconference you will hear Richard Larsen, MSc. – a Community Development Officer with Alberta Culture and Community Services – focus on building the capacity of individuals and groups to achieve their goals and accomplish their projects. With twenty-six years of experience working with a range of communities; rural, northern, ethnic, aboriginal, government and urban organizations, he identifies ‘what’s working’ and finds ways to replicate that. The registration deadline is January 18, 2012 or when the room capacity is filled at each location.

As a learner I invite you to learn more about courses that are offered and as a non-profit/voluntary organization I encourage you to see how iCCAN can help your organization deliver timely, relevant and accessible leadership development opportunities to those you work with. Remember, individuals can also obtain the iCCAN software to allow you to enhance your learning experience right from home.

For more information feel free to contact me at any time.

Victoria Poschadel | 780.945.6134 |

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