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Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

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Many of us look at great leaders such as Ghandhi or Martin Luther King and wonder how they became to be so great. Were they born that way or did they learn their leadership skills? If they learned their skills, was there a point in their lives when they recognized they were great and thought they didn’t need to learn anymore? Do you think that experts in the field of leadership might need to learn more about leadership?

Many of us might think that people who have great leadership skills simply have a gift. KnowledgeConnector is all about promoting continuous learning and because I believe in this message I would like to share with you why even the most gifted and knowledgeable people can benefit from learning more.

Last week I had a yet another amazing experience co-facilitating a Leadership Assessment Workshop with a group of close to 30 current and emerging leaders. These individuals were all gathered in Camp Kuriakos taking a program put together by the Leadership Centre of Central Alberta to enhance their leadership skills. If you ask me, these great people are already leaders in their fields as is the Executive Director of The Leadership Centre of Central Alberta, Linda Wilson. Yet even the expert of all experts was interested to discover her current leadership strengths and areas for betterment. Linda was fully engaged in the entire workshop and found the process enlightening.

Now if an Executive Director of an organization that helps others develop their leadership skills is interested in taking part in a workshop that assesses current skills and supports the user to develop a learning plan to grow further, then there is room for everyone to learn more. No matter how great you are. Great leaders such a Ghandi and Martin Luther King were so great because they worked hard at what they did and continuously strived to be the best.

So the next time you get comfortable in your shoes remember that everyone… always…has room to grow into a better leader.

If you haven’t taken an A.S.K. Leadership Workshop – book one now!

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