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Libraries: More Than A Home For Books

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We all know that libraries are a great place for learning. One can find a library in nearly any community in Alberta, find information, facts, and help in relation to any subject you may be interested in. Of course, you can also go to any library to be entertained and/or enlightened with fictional books available for any age.

As modern technology advances though, the demand for more innovative forms of education and entertainment grows. And of course, libraries everywhere are keeping up to that demand. Libraries today have taken the initiative to become a central point for community cohesion. They offer programs, services and resources that meet the demands of community residents and either work in partnership with or for other non-profit/voluntary sector organizations in their area.

Take the Wetaskiwin Public Library for example. They offer a plethora of e-resources ranging from e-readers and e-tablets that can be borrowed. Once you have your hand on an e-reader or e-tablet you can then gain access to electronic resources related to the following:

The Wetaskiwin Public Library also offers numerous programs and in fact, they have also hosted Knowledge Connector information sessions, A.S.K. Assessment Workshops and a local launch for the second phase of the KnowledgeConnector website. Their involvement in KnowledgeConnector demonstrates their commitment to providing and connecting their community residents with leadership development opportunities.

If you are looking for a connection to leadership development, remember to look right in your own neighborhood at your local library and right here on our website for links to upcoming development opportunities in your local area. If you are a library trustee check out the Trustee Learning available through the Association. They now also take on-site session requests tailored for your chair, board and/or trustees.

What are you waiting for? Go visit your local library to find e-resources, programs and knowledge related to leadership development. For more information on the Wetaskiwin Public Library, call (780) 361-4446.

Until next time.

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Learning begins at home…

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Do you have a favorite childhood book or author? Some of our favorite memories revolves around reading; bedtime or sitting on your grandparents lap.

Have you checked out your local public library lately? All under one roof is a “plethora” of knowledge. There is something for the whole family.

Your local public library provides opportunity and encouragement for continuous education as well as the enrichment of personal lives through recreational reading.  Programs and services are offered by and through the Library to meet identified needs in the community and to attract Library patrons of all ages and interests.

Throughout my travels all over the north-west, I have had the pleasure of visiting a variety of local public libraries. Each library had very welcoming environment with a wide assortment of activities and events, all themed around a series of books or novels.

The first place that I head to in each library is the “whats new” section. What attracts me to check out a new book?

– my favorite author

– the colourful illustrations on the front cover

– a catchy title

– a strong heroine character

– the Oprah’s list of books

– Heather Pick’s

– a good old fashion romance novel

– historical

Sometimes I go right to the magazine rack and pick up the latest issue of Canadian Living or Chatelaine. Did you know that most community libraries have comfy seating and some even serve coffee as well? Learning doesn’t get better than that. If books or magazines are not your interest, you can pick and choose your learning options with a just click of a mouse. All public libraries offer free internet access on a “bank of computers”. Also, most public libraries have video conferencing technology as well. Continuous education never looked easier.

Libraries are our community hosts to a wide variety of learning opportunities. So when someone says there is nothing to do…visit your public library today, it is just one of many activities you can do with a friend or your family or take a well deserved break.

What a better way to celebrate the season than buying that someone special a library membership, or giving the gift of access to knowledge to someone in need this christmas season it is always better to give than receive. Help someone else build those favorite family reading memories.

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