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Strathcona County Creating Strong Leaders

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The Information and Volunteer Centre for Strathcona County take their learning seriously. They also take the promotion of the leadership development opportunities seriously. We know that because they are a registered learning provider of leadership development right here on

I had the opportunity to attend the bi-monthly Strathcona County Interagency meeting yesterday and was impressed at what a great sense of community there is in Strathcona County. Of course there was a very wide range of organizations represented there-from faith-based charities to Victim’s Services to the Information and Volunteer Centre.

The diversity of the group along with the appreciation that community members demonstrate on an ongoing basis speaks volumes of how important relationship building is in creating strong communities. And of course the Information and Volunteer Centre knows this and this is why they are offering courses on Essential Conversation and Communication Skills from January 20 – February 17. This 5-week workshop is, of course, specifically for nonprofit/voluntary sector and it will help you gain confidence and first class training towards your communication skills.

Another great course that is coming up is called The W’s of Accountability which help you address the Governance, Management & Governance competencies. Here you will learn from the experts on accountability for charities. This workshop is for Board Directors or Senior Managers in a small or medium-sized charity and will explore accountability issues of registered charities to stakeholders. It will emphasize both federal and provincial legal accountability.

Register online at IVC or call 780.464.4242 or email for more information.

If you would like to have your leadership development opportunities highlighted register today! If you are a registered learning provider and would like to learn how to expand your reach even more join us for one of our upcoming Learning Provider Forums. To find out more contact me!

Victoria Poschadel | 780.945.6134 |

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Relationship Building vs. Management and Governance

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Have you ever noticed how leaders in the nonprofit/voluntary sector (NPVS) are great at building relationships?

In all of the workshops held in the Central East region so far. I have noticed that the most common leadership strength in all of them has been relationship building. In fact out of close to 60 people only 2 or 3 people indicated that relationship building was a strength they needed to build on.

Why is it that leaders in the NPVS are such good relationship builders? Collaboration and teamwork, community engagement, inclusion and diversity, interpersonal communications, dispute resolution, facilitation and negotiation are the major skills that make up the larger Relationship Building competency in the Leadership Framework. All of these skills include one common denominator. This common denominator is the simple ability to work with others to achieve a common goal. People who work in the NPVS sector do not compete with other organizations or other individuals but rather, they collaborate with others, engage communities and partner to achieve a greater goal that serves others.
Simply put, the nonprofit/voluntary sector has heart.
On the other hand, the ability for groups to be strategic thinkers in terms of management and governance can be a bit of a challenge. Why? Because typically, they are too busy working together to get the job done while building relationships with others who have the same passion!
I held a workshop in Drumheller last week and of course noticed this same trend. Interestingly, the main learning opportunities that the group wanted to become aware of related to legal responsibility, risk assessment and fiduciary responsibility. Fortunately for us these types of leadership skills are more easily taught than those related to relationship building!

To find some great resources related to management and governance visit the learning opportunities page.

Also, make sure to watch of the launch of the second phase of on September 19th!

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Can a tourist destination have a strong sense of volunteerism and community connectedness?

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In a tourist destination, one oes not often think of volunteerism and nonprofit organizations as the heart of the community. When I think of tourism I picture money hungry tourist attraction managers working towards a goal of economic development and not community development. Although this may be the case in some places it is definitely not how I saw Drumheller in my visits there this last couple of weeks.

Whether you are from Drumheller or not I suggest you check out the number of diverse community organizations that diligently work to keep the community strong, educated and connected. I had the opportunity to go to an interagency meeting and discovered that Drumheller offers a lot of learning opportunities that KnowledgeConnector will be promoting!

One new program is through the Equinox Society and it connects professional grant writers to nonprofit organizations at NO COST! Brilliant! This has not yet been formally launched but is in the works to be available in Drumheller and area. To find out more visit the Equinox Society.

The Drumheller and District Further Education Council also keeps the community educated offering courses for nonprofit volunteer leaders that include Business Letter Writing, Accounting and Bookkeeping Essentials and Computer Training. The local library, which is supported by over 30 volunteers, also has great videoconferencing capabilities that bring in members from across the community to learn about everything from Tai Chi to Board Governance.

Clearly Drumheller has a lot to offer besides for tourist attractions. To find out more about the learning opportunities that keep the community so connected contact me at or Karla Desilets, FCSS Coordinator at She is fully up to date and aware of all community happenings!

Also, if you are a learning provider in Alberta, join us on June 28th in a discussion on how to increase interest and registration in courses geared towards leaders of the nonprofit/ voluntary sector by registering at


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