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Not Too Early to Set a New Year’s Resolution

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As the Christmas season fastly approaches, I once again dig out the christmas decorations. As I sort through them (6 large Rubbermaid tubs) to see what I will put up this year. Every year I look at the amount of decorations I have collected over the years and once again I resist the temptation to go out and buy some new christmas decorations to add to the collection (because it is always nice to put up a couple of new things each year). The task of decorating falls solely on my shoulders. So, I only pull out a quarter of the decorations, because one; I am the one who has to put them away and two I have to dust “the stuff”.

I find that if I do not decorate in November I run out of time and I am rushed to create a christmas atmosphere. The holiday season seems so rushed every year and still haven’t figured out where time goes. We all get busy and before we know it Christmas is here (with or without homemade Christmas baking). So, the question is how do I slow down? (If I had the magic wand to that question I would be rich woman). We still have to work though until holidays, so we lumber through.

The season is all about giving to others. We shop for the perfect gifts and rush to wrap and send parcels away to friends and family. What do we do for ourselves?

So here is my suggestion; create a learning moment. Invite a couple of  friends over, put on a pot a coffee and serve up some of those Christmas cookies you just baked. Gather around the table and plug-in your wireless laptop or iPad and click on, You can complete an online Assessment that will identify your skills as a leader as well identify the gaps, which at the end will create a “report card” and link you automatically to learning opportunities. It is that easy. It is never too late to plan ahead and create a learning plan for you and some friends that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Here are just a few learning options that I have pulled from the Knowledge Connector Website that may be of interest to you:

– Leadership Webinars (FREE) from

– Blogs and articles highlighting a variety volunteer and non-profit issues, solutions and suggestions at

– FREE Webinars (check out the archive as well) on Community Development and Community Engagement ideas go to

– How-to articles, volunteer  educational opportunities go to will guide you through the ins and outs of operating a charity organization (and will even come out to you…) listed are a variety of resources for educational opportunities

There is that old saying “do as I do not as I say…” well I am taking my own advice and creating a learning plan that is designed just for me that I can do from the comfort of my own home (or couch). So start your new years resolution today. Follow along on my blog as I track my progress (good or bad) over the next couple of months. I welcome your feedback as well so email me at

Happy Holidays!!



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How many balls can you juggle at once?

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Multi-Tasking: is it a requirement or a necessity in the nonprofit or volunteer organizations (NPVO)?

Juggling requires one to keep sets of three or more objects in the air at once. Balls are metaphoric to the projects we juggle or what society calls multitasking. The length of time the balls are in the air depends upon on the manageable size and weight of each ball. We may drop one of them along the way but we are quick to pick them up and start over. Society endorses constant multitasking, such as texting while you are having a conversation or reading while eating.

Would you agree with me in stating that there more women than men who are employed or work in the nonproit/volunteer sector? Some may argue that women are better multitaskers than men. There is a saying that if you want something done give it to the person that is the busiest. Well, that describes Tracey Templeton from Edson Drama Club Pandora Players to a ‘T’.

This year Pandora players have put on the ‘Show of the Century’, celebrating Edson’s centennial, remembering the music, fashion and popular culture that shaped Edson 100 years ago. Tracey wrote, produced, and directed this play with a volunteer cast and crew of 100. If that wasn’t enough she also assisted with set and costume design and co-wrote the music and lyrics… In addition to what she already had on her plate she also organized several acting workshops for the cast and crew. Did I forget to mention that she has volunteered all her time over the past year to see this project through?

This individual not only volunteers her time with the Drama Club but has created an Arts Community Hub – CANOE (Community Arts Network of Edson). Once a month, she has representatives from the arts and cultural organizations get together to share resources, brainstorm and fill bin the gaps where arts & cultural events and activities are concerned. Talk about juggling. Pandora Players and CANOE are two of the many NPVO in Edson, run by a group of dedicated volunteers.

We convince ourselves we have so much to do, why waste any time? Tracey is just one example of how multitasking demonstrates how creative we can be. In Tracey’s case, it would be fair to say that multitasking not only is a requirement but a necessity in her role as a leader in the nonprofit/volunteer organizations which provides her and the groups she affiliates herself with the flexibility and the right environment to flourish creativity.

The KnowledgeConnector looks forward to working with Pandora Players and CANOE to enhance their skills in voluntary leadership and management and to enhance the vitality and sustainability of these two community organizations.

If you have a leadership story you would like to share or would like me to visit your community please contact me .


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