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Engaging and Educating Your Board Members

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Have you ever noticed that many smaller scale nonprofit/voluntary organizations always have a group of very dedicated members? They also seem do everything themselves without much outside support. Likely, many do not think there are many easily accessible and affordable resources at their disposal. Well, fret no more for Culture and Community Spirit offers an abundance of training opportunities to help your board reach its potential. Here are three great examples right from their website.


Board Development Program workshops cover a variety of issues in six thematic areas (modules):

  • Ethical and legal aspects of board membership
  • Roles and responsibilities in the organization
  • Policy development
  • Organizing and directing the board’s work using committees
  • Managing the work of the organization
  • Building a better board

Resource Materials

The Board Development Program develops resources for the not-for-profit sector.

  • Information Bulletins
  • Professionally produced by BDP staff or consultants who are experts in their fields
  • Suggestions for information bulletin topics come from clients and from experience in working with not-for-profit boards
  • Targeted at the not-for-profit audience
  • PDF versions of the BDP Information Bulletins
  • Bulletins d’information en français


Not-for-profit boards and board members are facing an amazing array of challenges. Often, connecting with a knowledgeable source can solve a problem or lead in the direction of information that helps clarify a situation a board is facing.

The Board Development Program’s staff takes pride in the work it does with clients looking for solutions to their board governance challenges. Some of the consultations will lead to more formal involvement with the BDP through workshops, but often individuals are best served by having the staff make appropriate and direct referrals.

There best part is that there is no cost to individuals or groups for their consultation services. If you have questions about board governance issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Board Development Program staff at 780-427-2001 or You can also, of course, contact me to book a Leadership Assessment Workshop to identify your board’s leadership skills and be connected with other learning opportunities near you. Until next time….

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