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Community Collaboration

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Let me introduce to you one of Grande Prairie’s success stories about community collaboration and building on community capacity – the Community Village. This non-profit/voluntary organization is passionate about their “community”, here is their story.


By creating an empowering environment for Peace Country organizations, the Community Village encourages a culture of
collaborative relationships by housing cooperative social services.


The Community Village is home to an abundance of open-minded organizations who meet the social needs of the community through mentorship, collaboration and leadership.

The Community Village and its tenant agencies have demonstrated that they believe and work within the following guiding principles.


Our organizations provide a welcoming environment of accessible services and programs that promote empowerment and mutual support.


Our organizations make committed and vigorous efforts to listen and learn from each other, to strengthen and enhance the long-term sustainability of our services and programs for the community.


Our organizations make efforts to work collectively for the common good while maintaining the diverse character of our individual agencies.

Lateral Leadership

Our organizations value mutuality and reciprocity in all our work.

Harm Reduction

This community of organizations recognizes the respective missions of the founding partners and strives to support all missions and members within a philosophy of harm reduction. Harm reduction is a respectful approach that values people for who they are and where they are at in their lives.  Although people may be involved in negative or unhealthy behaviours, the individual is never seen to hold less value than a person who may not be engaged in such behaviours.  Relationships are built from a place of non-judgment in order to slowly reduce the harm the person may be causing to himself or herself or the community.  It is from this place of self-worth and empowerment that people can truly make changes in their own lives, develop new skills and expand their learning.

The following agencies are being housed within The Community Village:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Center Point Facilitation
  • Grande Prairie Legal Guidance
  • Healthy Families Program
  • Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council
  • Second Base Originals
  • GP Acting Guild – Ovations Dinner Theatre
  • FASS – Fetal Alcohol Support Society

If you happen to be in Grande Prairie, stop by for a coffee and check them out…

Yvonne Rempel | 780.827-1464 |

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Next Steps: Post March For

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Did you know…

  • We are averaging 1,000 hits a month on the website
  • There are 19142 non-profit groups in Alberta.
  • There are 1800 post-secondary institutions in Canada
  • 116000 staff are employed by the non-profit sector in Alberta
  • One of the true benefits of the last 18 months has been the connection with rural Alberta and communities through the work of the RCC’s. We have truly benefited from the ability to connect on a personal level with all of you.
  • Volunteer Alberta is committed to supporting the ongoing sustainability of the KnowledgeConnector Initiative.  The website will continue to be in place and supported through partnerships and collaborative efforts.  The website is now imbedded in Volunteer Alberta and will continue to be a vital program and service offered by VA.
  • We are looking at a variety of options as to how we might be able to keep the momentum and community engagement activities in place.  That means we are looking at how we might do things differently (“smarter, not harder”) through partnerships, collaborative ventures, e&. Sustainability with this project is not only about money, but about partnership, collaboration and community support.

What do you think we might be able to do in the future?

All of you have a ton of valuable information to share on how to collectively increase access and utilization of leadership development
opportunities that are available for the Non-profit/Voluntary Sector (NPVS) in Alberta.

Here is your opportunity to provide feedback with “community engagement”.

The primary objective for the website is that it is designed to help you link rural Alberta NPVS to learning opportunities/learning provider, promote and enhance Learning Provider capacity to offer quality leadership programs and services. Are there barriers and challenges you have? Explore what we may do to enhance or tweak the website to accomplish this

So check us out, register as a learning provider or choose a learning opportunity.

FYI – Look for our upcoming Learning Provider Forums hosted by KnowledgeConnector in your region (Hanna, AB – January 27 1:00 to 4:00PM) or complete our Learning Provider Online Survey:

For further information or to provide feedback please email me at  or our Program Coordinator at

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