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Cultural Idiosyncrasies: Rural Alberta vs. Mexico

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I am blogging from Mexico and thought I would share some thoughts on cultural similarities and differences between rural Alberta and sunny Playa de Carmen. Although I am away it is hard to forget that the launch of just transpired and how exciting the implications this will have for rural Albertans in the nonprofit/voluntary sector. So let me share some observations on the idiosyncrasies that rural Alberta and Mexico share and why my excitement about the new phase of is growing.

Rural Albertans are smart and hardworking yet know how to slow the pace of life down in comparison to urban centres. Like Mexicans, many realize the value of taking time to slow down. In general, I see many Albertans, like myself, working hard to do a great job and invest in their community. In Playa, I also witness a culture of very hardworking people. That may sound surprising as Mexico is known to have a culture that is relaxed and involves siestas, time on the beach and slack work hours.

Now, don’t get me wrong, rural Alberta most definitely contains organizations that are moving along as fast or faster than their urban counter parts. And the same goes for some Mexican organizations. In general though, the pace seems slower from an outsider’s perspective. But, that does not mean that there is less work going on. In fact, the opposite may be true. Here in Play de Carmen, I see the street vendors and workers working extremely hard, albeit on their shorter work days. They are so motivated and determined to offer only the best to all of their clients and customers. On the same token, I see rural Albertans working just as hard to offer their best to their organization and community.

An advantage Alberta now has over Playa de Carmen, is that we are now able to work even smarter using the A.S.K. Leadership Assessment online via We can learn how to work smarter rather than harder by utilizing our assessed leadership skills. We can then learn how to strengthen our leadership gaps to do our job more efficiently so that we can do our job at a pace that does not burn us out. Yes, balance is the key to success in both the Mexican and Rural Alberta cultures and now we just learned how to do it even better.

If you haven’t filled out the online A.S.K. Leadership Assessment yet get started! If you would like to have an A.S.K. Leadership Assessment workshop facilitated for your board or staff give me a shout so you can get started on working more efficiently with your leadership skill set to make time for your siesta.

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Why I Choose to Live in Rural Alberta

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When we started with KnowlegdeConnector we were asked to describe our region.

Northern Alberta is famous for the bright dancing lights of the ‘Aurora borealis’ and its five major industries: forestry, agriculture, oil & gas and tourism. The North West Region specifically can boast to be one of Alberta’s best recreational playgrounds. We have a wide range of activities and events all year that are unique and special to each of their host communities; from skiing and hiking in the Rockies, to farmers markets throughout the peace region, various rodeos, bluegrass jamborees, summer music festivals, quadding and snowmobiling, fabulous fishing and hunting, and the Northface Great Canadian Death Race.

You can step out your backdoor and experience Alberta at its best. Life in a rural community has many benefits:

  • Open Spaces
  • Peaceful Surroundings
  • Safety Concerns – living in rural Alberta does have less reported crime.
  • Clean Air
  • Taking in the view of the sun as it sets
  • Feeling of community and belonging, knowing your neighbour.
    Recreational Opportunities, enjoying the great outdoors right in your own backyard
  • Healthier Lifestyle

Home base for me is Grande Cache Alberta, “jewel of the north” in the Rocky Mountains. I never get tired of the view. I am proud to call this rural Alberta community home for the last 15 years. Check us out at

Come for a visit. Also check out Travel Alberta, for things to do

If you have an interesting story about where you live in NW rural Alberta or want to brag about a special event, please share by emailing me at and I will post it for you.

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