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Viva La Volunteer

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Volunteer Celbration at the The Guild in Hinton June 20 2011

Putting on my “Volunteer Alberta / KnowledgeConnector  Hat”, I had the honour of attending Hinton’s 11th Annual “Celebrating Volunteerism in the Community” hosted by the Town of Hinton, the VolunteerCenter and FCSS. The theme of this year’s event was an old fashioned picnic “Viva La Volunteer” with all the trimmings including fried chicken, potato salad, and watermelon and local entertainment.

Approximatelly two hundred volunteers attended this event. Each volunteer was asked to register when they arrived and record which organization they were representing, but there was a twist. Each volunteer was asked to write down how many organizations they actually volunteer for and for each one they received a door prize ticket. Many of the them had listed 6 or 7 community organizations they volunteered for.

Many of those volunteers who listed  6 or 7 organizations just  happen to be seniors. When asked why they volunteer the general comment was “once retired they needed to stay busy and really enjoyed contributing or giving back to their community”. Also, I had the opportunity of sitting beside a very nice young man who volunteers as the chairperson of the local boys and girls club, a great example of youth leadership.

It is not the quantity of volunteers that we rely on but the quality of theirs skills and commitment they bring to each and every organization their volunteer for.

If you are hosting a community volunteer appreciation event, please let me know and we will highlight your event on this page.

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