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Wow what a week…

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Wow what a week; once again I have put on over 1200 km to my car this week travelling the North West region of Alberta spreading the word on KnowledgeConnector. I just got home from my final KnowledgeConnector “Launch” presentation in celebration of the big event this past Monday. If you just joined us, let me catch you up to speed…

First, on September 19th, Volunteer Alberta official Launched, and what an event that was. We had 7 host sites throughout Alberta (including Edmonton and Calgary) that was broadcasted through iCCAN. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to the staff at the Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau (GPVSB) for co-hosting the event with me. You ladies “rock”.

We had over 100 individuals in attendance at our various “launch” sites throughout Alberta. Everyone had the opportunity to be welcomed by our “fearless leader”, Karen Lynch, executive director of Volunteer Alberta, where she shared her words of wisdom and enthusiasm fo this project. Following her,  we had the opportunity to view the new website (with all the new bells and whistles) under the guidance of our trusty KnowledgeConnector Project  Manager, Toby Rabinovitz. Following that, we had the privilege of listening to Jann Beeston, chairperson of Rural Alberta Development Fund Board (RADF) share her insight and knowledge of what it means to be a leader in the nonprofit/volunteer sector.

The new website allows learners throughout rural Alberta to link to various learning and training opportunities with just a click of a mouse. In addition, learners are able to go online and fill out their own ASK (attitudes, skills & knowledge) Assessment Tool which helps you identify your leadership strengths and gap areas by providing a printable “report card”. This report card will automatically link you to various listed learning opportunities listed on the website.

Not only is the new website “learner friendly” but we have included a section for learning providers as well. Individual learning providers (which we like to call LP’s) can go online and register their organization/agency and post their own learning opportunities. As well each LP is provided with their own login in and password which inables them to go in and edit anytime.

Now “go forth my people…” (sorry Toby just could not resist it seemed fitting) and enjoy the experience. We want your feedback on the website with “all the bells and whistles” it provides. Enjoy learning….

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